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Welcome to my Files and Games Page!

Feel free to visit my Secrets of the mind page, also in the links page, listed above. After your done here of course.

These are my games that are provided by various sites:

  1. Typing test, a java based game.
  2. 3D Tic Tac Toe , the java based game.
  3. Play the Aardwolf MUD from, a Multi-User Dungeon, through telnet! If there is a reason for playing it through another telnet program, the address is telnet://
  4. The Runescape Adventures are another type of AD&D gaming system.
  5. Like the wheel of time series, by Robert Jordan? The wheel of time series is offered, as a java based RPG!
  6. Like maze games? Like classic games not here? go to the popcap games.
  7. The rest of the possible Mudconnector lists all possible mud games.
  8. Here is a site based on RPG games and DnD and the idea associated with it as being a gaming resource.
  9. Here is a Flash game called FlashFlashRevolution.
  10. Even more interesting flash movies and games at!
  11. There's Dungeons and Dragons online! Goto this site, if you want to start playing.
  12. For 75 more free games including bingo, goto


These files are online. They are:

  1. The entire sorted files collection! @ here or  here. Just go into a directory of your choice.
  2. My entire sorted songs collection! @ here or here. All neatly labeled as well!.
  3. You want to get whole directories? use the ftp @ user anonymous and pw or other email address
  4. My mediafiles site, that is here for games, here or here for music and here for documents.

To go up top click here!


Have any files that you want me to have?

Go to here with a browser:
Mediafire uploads

Need to contact me? Then use discord to do so with this channel.

Nothing herein can be held against me. Please tell other people about this webboard!

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