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Welcome to my linkpage.

Enjoy the pages, and as you browse try to come back to mine.

The Mod music page is a webpage related to music and computers. yet needs revamping

For alternative healing and methods go to The Secrets of the Mind Look at the pics as its more than corrant gallery. Website now updated as necessary.

For the better idea in life about magic and psionics, goto The Magocracy Forum.

The corrant picture gallery of my pics at or look on the secrets page above.

Winternite Summermoon's contribution of Meister's Rune and Sigil page. This site has Sigils that may scare you, so if some do please try to ignore them and go onto another Sigil.

The Spells Guide schools you in latin and lists other spells as it gives you a complete except a few idea in Latin, Elven, Harry potter, Sea elven (Atleantian), Egyptian Forcecraft, or any other.

The magic board of some idea @ CasaUmbrae Proboard.

The other magic forum @

DnD and Furcadia support, Moisant silo website.

The occult info page is at

The magical magick blog page is at

Google Adsense -make money by simply owning a site and showing google ads @

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